An Ode to College from a Place of Limbo

In the last nine months, I have had 1,043 and one-half conversations about college. 387 people have asked me where I’ll be next fall—aunts, teachers, friends, people whom I don’t know but nonetheless follow me on Instagram, little league coaches, Chick-Fil-A employees (they insisted it was their pleasure to ask), and a ripped man named … Continue reading An Ode to College from a Place of Limbo

American Disparities and How We Can Solve Them

“Where’s the white wrapping paper?” yelled my mother, as she helped me finish wrapping the presents before my coach arrived. Every year, my team does a “Basketball-Christmas Giveback” where we take presents to underprivileged families in Austin, Texas. My coach arrived, I loaded the gifts into his van, and we rode off to do our … Continue reading American Disparities and How We Can Solve Them

How To Have Political Discourse In The New America

America’s current political climate is full of close-mindedness and division, perhaps more so than any time in the nation’s history. Tribalism, the evil possibility of factions that James Madison outlines in Federalist №10, has reached a new height with groups denouncing the other as, at best, crazy, and at worst, evil. Currently, arguments are judged, … Continue reading How To Have Political Discourse In The New America

On The Florida School Shooting

In the aftermath of the Florida shooting, many have demanded that the government solve the problem, through stricter gun control or mandating increased security measures. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we as a populous are in effect “putting the ball” in the government’s “court” with these demands. While there certainly needs to be a reevaluation of the regulations, … Continue reading On The Florida School Shooting

Phones: The Ugly Truth

The dark truth is that it’s become very hard to find anyone and certainly anything more interesting than a smartphone. We love our phones and would never want to give them up, but we are also subtly aware that these delightful gadgets bear a hidden cost. To say that we are addicted to our phones … Continue reading Phones: The Ugly Truth