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Why We Feel Shame & How To Help It

One of the great problems in the world is also one of the most invisible, because — by its nature — it asks to be hidden and saps our ability to spot its symptoms. But to generalize grossly, few things so undermine human well-being as the sickness of shame.

Road Kill

We all know Roadkill, remains of animals on the side of the road that decrease slowly with every passing day. But the familiar blood trails are not always what they appear to be.


The Life of a Paperboy. He knows all and sees all. Keep your curtains closed in the morning folks, or you will be next!

Jeepers Creepers

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so what does one with no eyes look like? Is a blind man without a soul? More importantly, where do the eyes go?


Alex likes Beige. His safe words are stability and predictability. Change is the devil and rainbows are evil. Did I mention Alex likes Beige?